What do you imagine freedom looks like?

No one can be free until Black people are free...We know our pain and our joy is generations deep. Our experiences have shaped how we hold ourselves and each other accountable, live in joy, abundance and love. We have all the wisdom and knowledge we need to birth freedom and live it without reservations. We have created sustainable policies and whipped up magic and medicine to tend to the wounds our bodies/brains/spirits carry. 

First Sentence: Intro yourself! (Ex: Hi! My name is…, I am with…)

Second: Describe what uninhibited joy and love feels like/ is to you. OR What does your life look like when we all have enough? 

(Ex: Freedom is...having food for your family, living income, health care, careers that pay well, free childcare, voting without fear, land of your own, etc.). 

Final/Wrap-up: Call to Action. (Ex: What do you need others (a city council member, legislator, judge, president, etc.) to do?)


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Black Freedom is...

Black Freedom is...

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